Student life is an important part of your life. It might even be your first time leaving home. You meet new friends, broaden your horizons through studies and social life and, of course, you are shaped by newly attained experiences.

But student life also puts great demands on you and you may have doubts about your choice of career and for your future. If those demands and doubts become too much for you to bear, it might feel good to confide in someone else. All of us at the University Chaplaincy are here to talk with you when you need a good listener. We don't claim we have all the answers to all of life's questions, but we might find a solution to the problem through our combined experience. We are bound by confidentiality and you are welcome regardless of belief, ethnicity and sexual identity.

Call us or email us to make an appointment. You can find telephone numbers and e-mail addresses here
All pastoral care is free of charge.